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Photo: Nigist from an Ethiopian Self Help Group. Credit: Tearfund Canada

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Self Help Groups

Photo: Ethiopian women from Nazaret Self Help Group.  Credit: Gavin Leane

This email series will help you develop a deeper understanding of our largest programme in Ethiopia, our Self Help Groups (SHG). This series is meant to take readers on a journey to learn more about Self Help Groups and how members effect their own change, transforming their lives in multiple ways.

The journey will ask how people living in poverty create effective and sustainable change, explore the various ways lives are impacted, hear stories of members' personal experiences, and discover how you can be part of this amazing transformational and sustainable change. We will share additional resources such as videos, links and more that will allow you to explore even further. 


ReThinking How We Care

Credit: Charlein Gracia

This series will help you develop a deeper understanding of institutional care and the impacts on vulnerable children. ‘Rethinking How We Care’ is a series meant to take readers on a journey to understand in more depth about the topic of care reform and why we believe in the importance of alternative care for vulnerable children. The journey will hear the voice of care leavers from around the world, ask questions surrounding the potential problems of residential care, explore alternatives and discover that making a family a reality for orphaned and vulnerable children truly is a goal within our reach that we can all be part of.



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